Cafe Racer mit Zulassung in der Schweiz. Spustit prezentaci Nahlásit album. 0. Trouvez la moto de vos rêves. Overall the bike features simple and elegant lines with finely blended elements of design; making for a rather stylish Café Racer. Il y a toujours un début, il faut bien démarrer. Carlos also painted the engine with heat-resistant paint and he cleaned the carburetors. The bike came touched by Nuno Capêlo, with a scarred Capêlo's Garage inscription and a 78 number plate. Some would say I must have been living under a rock, and… Continue Reading A minimalistic MMB odometer and LED indicators are also installed to maintain the clean look. Ajouter aux favoris. You'll soon receive news from us. The Yamaha XJ 600 Cafe racer is the third bike built by Tom Racing Designs. But the work didn’t stopped there, the goal was to achieve a bike that looked good, but also ride good, so the performance of the bike was increased: The result is an awesome looking cafe racer bike that looks great, rides great and sounds amazing!! The Yamaha XJ600 flies under the radar in the motorcycling world. The rear frame was chopped and re-painted. Aug 30, 2017 - Explore Paul Tabb's board "Yamaha xj600 Cafe racer/Scrambler", followed by 101 people on Pinterest. What better base for a custom?” The XJ had all the attributes Romanin was looking for,…. 10 yamaha xj 600 51j d'occasion sur le Parking-moto, la recherche de moto d'occasion la plus rapide du web. Your email has been registered! Before you tackle your carburetor rebuild, check out our detailed guide to cleaning out or rebuilding your motorcycle's carburetor at! We curate the most exclusive planes, yachts, motorbikes, cars and many more. Fuel petcock has also been rebuilt and a fuel filter was added to fuel line. We offer affordable hosting, web hosting provider business web hosting, ecommerce hosting, unix hosting. Entra y descubre todos los días nuevas fotos de motos, tatuajes y cultura motera. Retrait. D'occasion. It took a lot of time The Dunlop Sportmax Alpha tires are almost full-slick, making it a proper tool for urban commutes. To match Spanish regulations, the frame was shortened as much as possible yet it has space for a second seat. To make sure that this cafe racer could outrun any disaster, a lot of focus was put into bringing the inline 4 600cc engine. Carlo Romanin is a bike builder from Melbourne, Australia, and he’s taken this ‘86 XJ900 to a different level. Created by Spanish workshop The Foundry Mc, this brand new café racer is based on a mint 1985 Yamaha XJ600. Then, the bike was stripped down to reveal the frame and repair minor defects. Vyberte všechny fotky či videa, které chcete smazat a potvrďte akci. The tank and tail are coated in a matte finish black. Prix. Yamaha 600 XJ cafe-racer : le 1er cafra de Thomas… Pour son 1er essai, c’est sur une base low cost que notre camarade s’est lancé, et après des heures de labeur voici sa Yamaha 600 XJ cafe-racer ! État. But this machine was the first 600cc inline four—making it the granddaddy of today’s 600 super-sports. This bike, although been 34 years old, is now to the standard of a modern naked bike with its 72hp engine, very light weight (about 20kg were lost in the cafe racer project) and powerful braking! Vytvořte z alba : Fotoknihu Pexeso Kalendář Fotky Odstranění fotek a videí z alba. #custom #motorcycles Motorecyclos #bikes Jap Rat #scrambler #caferacer based on #yamaha xj 600. The base model is a 1984 Yamaha XJ 600 (also known as the FJ 600 in the US), one of the very first to be produced. The bike came touched by Nuno Capêlo, with a scarred Capêlo's Garage inscription and a 78 number plate. First, Carlos identified the fuel tank; the popular yet rare Honda CB 750 SuperSport. room 4127 Birsfelden. Bluehost - Top rated web hosting provider - Free 1 click installs For blogs, shopping carts, and more. © 2020 Tom Racing Designs – All rights reserved, Powered by  – Designed with the Customizr theme, The fuel tank has been complety de-rusted using rust remover and vinegar and has been sealed with tank cure sealant, The carburetors went through ultra sonic cleaning baths and were rebuilt with new o-ring and gaskets. Get a free domain name, real NON-outsourced 24/7 support, and superior speed. New filters were installed along with a 4 in 1 manifold with a double exhaust. “In many ways, the XJ900 is like your typical Aussie man,” he says. Partager. First, Carlos identified the fuel tank; the popular yet rare Honda CB 750 SuperSport. Sujet: Re: 600 XJ 51J Sam 23 Nov - 14:53 Voilà que ça commence à avancer pas mal.. les soudures sur le cadre sont terminées, donc prochainement peinture mais voici quelques photos de … simon326. Released in 1984, it’s often dismissed as yet another Universal Japanese Motorcycle. See more ideas about Cafe racer, Racer, Yamaha. Cafe racer Yamaha xj 600 51j. alarm L'offre est terminée | 25 mars 2020 à 20:08. Created by Spanish workshop The Foundry Mc, this brand new café racer is based on a mint 1985 Yamaha XJ600. Phone support available, Free Domain, and Free Setup. 6'800.00. It wasn’t until I featured our first Yamaha TRX850 cafe racer back in 2013 that I learned of their existence. 100%. Fork oil has been replaced with heavy 15w oil, making the fork a lot stiffer improving the handling of the bike especially when braking, Carburetors have been tuned (mixture) for the new exhaust and synchronized for better performances, Brake lines were changed for stainless steel braided brake lines for an increased stopping power. Re: La transfo de ma XJ 600 51J Message par Beben » 21 sept. 2011, 13:18 Hehe bah pour le sens des retros j t avoue que j ai pas essayé dand l autre sens . Cables were changed and/or lubricated and engine oil, filters and o-rings changed. By submitting your informations, you agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookies Policy. web hosting provider php hosting cheap web hosting, Web hosting, domain names, front page hosting, email hosting. Fotky; O albu; Fotodárky Akce; 0. So the first thing this Yamaha XJ600 cafe racer had to endure was getting stripped of all the unnecessary fairings and trim that had absolutely no use if TEOTWAWKI were to happen tomorrow. For the first time, Carlos used fiberglass for the seat/tail and the side number plates. Fotos de motos Cafe Racer, Bobber, Custom y Scrambler. It took a lot of time and research to find one in good shape as they are quite rare outside of the United States of America. The front fork was shortened by 55 mm and a pair of clip-on handlebars was mounted to complete the Café Racer styling. STAY UPDATED WITH THE LATEST NEWS FROM MOBILITY, PROMOTIONS AND EXCLUSIVE OFFERS. Apr 19, 2016 - Explore Steven Valk's board "XJ600 Cafe Racers" on Pinterest. Today, you…, #custom #motorcycles #Motorecyclos #bikes Jap Rat #scrambler #caferacer based on #yamaha xj 600. “Simple, unfussy and gets the job done. Don’t forget to watch the XJ 600 cafe racer videos ! Vendeur. Trellis TRZ – MotoGod TRX850 Cafe Racer. The first step was to make the bike run great again : Then, the cafe racer work began with a new short seat, clip-on bars, exhaust, new speedometer, etc. ? Cafe Racer Yamaha XJ600-51J. See more ideas about Racer, Cafe racer, Yamaha. Facebook Twitter Zkopírovat adresu. Although looking clean from the outside, the bike was in a pretty bad condition: the fuel tank was completly rusted on the inside, carbs were clogged with rust and many parts or bolts were stripped or corroded. Cafe Racer Yamaha XJ600-51J chevron_right. The Yamaha XJ 600 Cafe racer is the third bike built by Tom Racing Designs. And it had mono shock rear suspension, which was advanced technology 28 years ago. The base model is a 1984 Yamaha XJ 600 (also known as the FJ 600 in the US), one of the very first to be produced.